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San Francisco Considers Making Flex-time the Rules Rather Than the Exception
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San Francisco Considers Making Flex-time the Rules Rather Than the Exception

San Francisco city supervisor David Chiu recently proposed a measure to require San Francisco businesses to offer employees who are caregivers flexibility in the workplace and in scheduling. If Chiu’s bill is approved and passed in November, businesses will be required to offer caregivers to flexible start times, telecommuting or job share options, with few exceptions. Chiu’s definition of caregivers includes parents and others who provide significant care for another individual.

Violators of the proposed law would be fined $50 per day, per employee.

Already home to the nation’s highest minimum wage — $10.55 per hour — Chiu’s proposed law will result in higher overhead for San Francisco business owners by adding additional government regulations to an already unlevel playing field. Even employers who already offer flex-time will incur additional record-keeping expenses to be able prove compliance with the law when challenged.

Under the proposal, employers can deny flex-time requests if they can prove it would negatively impact the company’s ability to do business or meet customer needs. Chiu plans to introduce the measure on Tuesday at the Board of Supervisors meeting. If Chiu gets enough support, his proposal will appear on San Francisco voters’ ballot this November.

Business and trade associations elsewhere in California are keeping an eye on San Francisco’s overall reaction to the proposal.

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